Frequently asked questions

How does factoring work?

1. Apply online 2. Get approved 3. Submit the invoices you wish to factor 4. Get approved + get funded

How is qualification determined?

Qualification for Dare Capital is determined based on a number of factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, your business cash flow, the strength of your customers, and to a lesser extent your personal and business credit history. You do not have to have perfect credit to work with us. We work with a broad range of clients, including those with below average credit.

How much funding will I have access to?

Dare Capital offers funding between $5,000 and $5,000,000. Your credit line or loan amount will be determined based on a review of your business, personal FICO score, as well as other factors.

Are there termination fees if I want to leave?

No. As long as you have no balances outstanding, and your contract term has ended,you can stop using Dare Capital with no penalties or fees.

What information do you need from me to apply?

The Dare Capital application is three simple steps that can be completed in minutes. We ask for: General information about your business, such as address and Tax ID Information about the business owner applying, including social security number current financials and current AR + AP aging.
The information you provide is stored in accordance with our strict Privacy Policy and encrypted to make sure that it is always safe and secure.

What businesses are eligible for invoice factoring?

To meet the minimum requirements for Invoice Factoring and you must have a personal credit score of 530 or more. Any business that serves businesses or governments is eligible for Invoice Factoring. Invoice Factoring is available in all states.

I've been denied by the bank for a loan. Can I still get funding from Dare?

Yes. That is why we are here. Our decision process is different than a bank’s. While we take credit history into consideration we focus on the quality of your customers, not only personal credit history. A great advantage of Dare's invoice factoring is that you can leverage the credit-worthiness of your customers.

Have more questions?

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